Update January- from Mike Deese

The so called “Cloverleaf” is a Team of 4 people that made MAp in the german speaking area very big.
They now are in the US with Mike Deese, the founder of MAP. Here are the latest Updates from their Meeting yesterday:

  • The MAP Academy is getting ready to certify international Trainers. These Trainers will be officially represent MAP and can train all important parts of the MAP-World: How the Website works. How to advertise properly, How to get new Partners, Personal Developement. In March will be the first live certification training in Germany (bilingual)
  • MAP creates Residual Income, not passive income. In other Words, you have to do something to earn money. Passive Income implies, that the money just flows. In MAP, thats not true: we are clicking and advertising our products or products of others!
  • The Adfund will disapear with MAP 2.0 (Thats the new Website-Version that starts running in March). So please, use your Adfund account NOW. You can use your adfund to advertise banners or buy membership.

So that was the quick update. The next Update will come after the Bergheim Meeting in February. I am soo curious about the new to come! This will be an eciting year for all Mappers!

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