MAP in a Nutshell

When you are asked what MAP is, its not so easily explained, is it?

Here is my short Version of what MAP is – in a Nutshell:

  1. You earn residual income by being part of a profit share. MAP shares 95% of income with its partners
  2. To qualify for earning on the profit share, you must
    • watch 10 ads in the “traffic exchange”. This takes daily max 10 Minute
    • buy at least 1 Credit Pack (advertising package for 50$)
  3. Once you reguraly earn on the Profit share, you get paid every 20 minutes. This money you can pay out (50$ make guaranteed 60$ by time) or you can reinvest to buy more Credit Packs
  4. Reinvesting grows your Credit Pack amount – which leads you to earn faster (1 Credit Pack earns 0.50 a day. 1000 “CP” earn 500$ a day)
  5. So The goal usually is: Grow your “CPs” up to 1200 Credit Packs. This is the Maximum for every partner.
  6. Because CPs expire after 4 month, you will always buy more CPs to refill your account. The rest of your available Balance you payout to your own account
  7. MAP is connected to an online Bank called VX Gateway. Your money is transferred over this online bank.


Additional Infos:

  • What do you do with all the bought advertising space? You can
    • promote your own products. this also ranks better on google
    • promote Affiliate Partner of someone elses products
    • This is the interesting additional income you can create
  • Finding new Referrals gives you max 10% commission on products that these referrals buy (such as CPs)

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