MAP Version 2 is online and working!

Its time for a long awaited Post.
MAP Version 2 went online:

My Advertising Pays 2 3

I was eager to go online to the new Version of the MAP Website and since yesterday it is running smoothly.
In Short: The site look awesome. Frontend and Backend are well organized. Its runs well also on mobile devices.

At them moment, many links have to be changed and therefore, the links on our website are not working yet. Since the new MAP site is completely new, it was neccesary to cut all old links. Now, the new Website runs on Google servers, whoch makes the Page even more stable.

I expect, that all functions will be ready in 10 days or so. So far, watching adds and manage advertising campaigns are working well. Other functions still need to be improved (thats normal with new Sites: Bugs are everywhere)

This new site is ready for the new challenges of the advertising market. It is built to be able to compete with many other competitors.

So again, I am very happy that I joined last year and i look forward to many new and improved functions on the new MAP Site!

Whats now to do for you?

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