MAP 2.0 is ready. Go for Diamond!

Its been now less then 3 weeks, since the new website has been uploaded. Our IT-Team has done a tremendous and awesome job to put everything in place.
Its amazing how much factors have to be focused on when moving such a website. All Partners Data, balances, history, Adds etc have to be relocated…

I am very thankfull that this job has been done well and that we all can now continue to grow our fiancial goals with MAP.

For the new site, many tutorials are allread excisting and more are coming daily. The leaderteam (Tony Booth, Marc Gobhril, Mike Deese, Rainer Barton and others) are continueasly getting more infos and optimizing processes to make MAP 2.0 work better every day.

Especially new Partners have the advantage, that they can bus Credit Packs in Euros to start with. Like this you are allready on the new currency (all older Partner have to first change the Dollar-CP to Euros over time.)


I am glad and proud to be part of this company.
And I am also very optimistic that this new site with the new features and rules is even more stable and longterm oriented then before.


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