News from the Austria Country Event- The MAP-APP is coming!

Fantastic news live from the scene of Vienna from Tony Booth (he is the closest partner to Mike Deese in MAP):
  • Our map site now has 150 million hits per month. In Dezember 2015 it was “only” 100 Mil . hits….
  • Withdrawals have been increased from 5000 € to 30000 € monthly.
  • Our ATM card for map on vx will be here in a few weeks, you will be able to withdraw your money directly. So the new Credit Card will make Purchase and Withdrawal easier!
  •  Apart from profit share, referral commissions and the advertising platform there are 4 NEW PRODUCTS
  1. A new forum will be setup in the back office for news, discussions, and feedback from mappers.
  2. The publisher site will be here soon.
  3. In 3 weeks the new map application will be available for download to your smartphone. Profit share and commissions will play a “cha ching!” (as in casinos) on your mobile phones each and every time they are earned.
  4. The shops or businesses that advertise on map thanks to your recommendation will be able to now bring you commissions. 😀 (it is a new source of earnings on map! Extraordinary!
And finally, there’s gonna be 30 new products by the end of the year!
You don’t believe in Santa Claus yet he is on your computers!

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