External Income of MAP


External Income of MAP There are always again Mappers ask us how the external income works by selling advertising. If you read in relevant forums and groups of MAP, we got the impression that most he partner just accept and can not explain how this advertising income is created or whether it is really realistic.…

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Thoughts of Nina Traute. She is handicapped. Core Value “Humanity” of MAP

This story has just been posted by Nina Traute in the West Group Germany. I translated it to english. It’s the little stories that touch and show the difference that MAP with its ideas and its people simply live! But read for yourself, it’s worth it! Thoughts about What I understand about MY advertising pays:…

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Thats the real thing! 100-Million Pageviews per month

Map Meeting

Just yesterday I was at the My Advertising Pays Meeting in Otelfingen /Switzerland. It was very interesting to learn that MAP now reached 100`000`000 Pageviews PER MONTH. This means that it becomes a even stronger Plattform for external advertisers to publish Adds on MAP. With a Page-visit-duration of 21 Minutes on MAP, we are even…

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