My Personal Experience with MY ADVERTISING PAYS

First of all: Everyone can be successful in MAP. I was realizing this first months, there is NO WAY, not to be successful!

Now, between you and me, there are only 2 differences: Advantage of Time and Knowledge about MAP and how does it exactly work!!! Those 2 Things everyone can learn. At MAP, Time is working for you and within a few months, you will already be far enough, that you will be thankfull to be part of this company!!

My Story with My Advertising pays: The search for the right investment.

I used to cook for over 10 Years. When I was 25 years old, I decided to change my profession, cause I saw it just as a dead end: Either I stay a Chef and smell like french fries forever, or i own a restaurant and then I am stuck there for at least 5 years 365 days a year. NO WAY.

I followed my sisters attempts, to make money in California and that's where I got to know the first MLMs (Multi Level marketing). I quickly saw interesting potential, but I could never sell the stuff, that my sister was selling. She worked with dietary products, Shakes and even vacation offers. I realized: I can not sell a product that I am not fully convinced about. Actually, I didn`d want to sell a product at all and still wanted to earn money with it!

It took me 10 years and over 15 other interesting business ideas to meet "My advertising pays".

My friend Evi wrote me on whatsapp "I am really happy now, cause I just reached my financial freedom!"

Now that was an interesting message. I asked her more about it and she told me that she now earns several thousand Euros because of an online-business  where she invests 10 minutes in front of her Laptop or Smartphone a day.

That was the start of my experience with MAP. Evi sent me this Link and I watched it on the train home from work:

What happened since my start?

Daily I realize more, that this isn't a Scam or Ponci or just another MLM.

In fact its no MLM at all. It is real business with real value.

I double my relatively small startup-investment every 2 Months by watching advertisements.
Yes, I get paid watching Adds!

My goal now is to grow the investment further to the point where I can pay myself out a steady monthly income.

Today (17.Jan 2016) I calculated the interest Rate, that my invested AND reinvested Money creates. It calculated over a period of 82 days and it a 1.14% Growth A DAY. On a yearly basis, thats an insane rate.


Does My Advertising Pays work?

Short answer: Yes, the mathematical and legally backuped system works and you make money online if you daily watch at least 10 advertisements on the Website of My Advertising pays, First of all, what are the biggest benefits of joining this company:

100% everyone makes money with the profit share…
…you get paid 5-10% lifetime on personal referral sales…
…and it’s free to get started.
…you don`t have to refer anyone and you still earn money.
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