Q&A about My Advertising Pays

What is MyAdvertisingPays.com (M.A.P.)? +

We are a $0 debt company and a profitable revenue distribution advertising platform that shares its profits every 20 minutes with all members whom have purchased a Credit Pack and clicked on 10 sites in the M.A.P Traffic Exchange. M.A.P. is an acronym that stands for My Advertising Pays.

How do I earn €? +

Either by participating in our referral program (see referral program below) or through profit-sharing by purchasing one or more Credit Packs. For each one you purchase, you will be qualified for one share-in-profits. For every active Credit Pack you have, you will receive that many shares-in-profit, every 20 minutes. So if you buy two Credit Packs, you will earn two shares-in-profit every 20 minutes, buy 10, you will get 10 shares-in-profit every 20 minutes, etc. until each Credit Pack(s) has earned $60 in return. You must click on 10 ads daily in our Traffic Exchange to qualify for profit-shares that day.

How do I get paid? +

You can request withdrawal to your eWallet anytime you have $10 or more in your Available Account Balance, Monday through Friday. Just click on the Withdraw link under your Available Account Balance on your dashboard.

When are payments made? +

M.A.P. pays several times daily, Monday through Friday. Withdrawal will be disabled Saturday and Sunday.

Are there any limits on withdrawals for free/paid members? +

You must have at least $10 in your Available Account Balance for withdrawal. Withdrawal to STP is limited to $500 per week, per member. Withdrawal to VX Gateway is limited to $9,900 per day, per member.

Do I have to click Ads to earn? +

Yes. You must click on 10 ads daily to earn shares-in-profit. Vacation time is available for purchase in your members back office if you will be unavailable to do so.

What happens if I don't click 10 text ads by the time the timer in my back office runs out? +

You will stop receiving shares-in-profit until you click on 10 text ads. If you anticipate a period coming up where you will be unable to click the required 10 text ads, you may purchase Vacation time in your members back office to avoid a lapse in earnings during the time you will be away.

How secure is M.A.P.? +

From our inception, security has been a top priority. Our servers back up data at every 20 minute cycle. We have a 2048 bit Secured Socket Layer certificate that encrypts all data on M.A.P. to include your personal information. We have many back end mechanisms to prevent fraud. We provide IP address protection. You can rest assured we take security very seriously and as long as you use the features we provide, you're account is secure.

Here are some useful tips that will increase the level of security for your account:

  • Save your primary & secondary passwords, along with your PIN number in a document on your personal computer and copy/paste them into the site when prompted for them, instead of typing them in. This will prevent malware called Key Loggers from being able to record your key strokes.
  • Always use anti-virus protection on your computer and keep it up-to-date.
  • Use different passwords for your M.A.P. account and the email account associated with it.
  • Use a different password for your I-Payout account than you use for M.A.P.

I received a suspicious email that appears to have come from M.A.P. and its asking me to input my password/other info and/or asking me to download something.

We will never ask you to download anything via email, or tell you its necessary that you log in to verify anything. If you are in doubt, delete the email and type www.myadvertisingpays.com directly into your browser before entering in sensitive details.

What are Credit Packs? +

As our core product, its a valuable advertising package that comeswith 550 Regular Credits and 10 Credit Boosters, which amounts to text adimpressions within M.A.P.'s Traffic Exchange you can use to promote somethingelse i.e. Business/Product/Service/Charity. The cost for one Credit Pack is$49.99. This product also has a profit-sharing element attached to it. EachCredit Pack you purchase will return you $60 over time.

Are there any limits to Credit Pack purchases? +

Yes. We have what we refer to as ’safe limits’. During our development, we tested many different numbers in relation to a maximum limit of Credit Packs that would be sustainable for our Company to pay out profits on versus how much probable revenue our Company would be receiving. The numbers you see in the different Membership Levels is what we deemed to be safe and profitable for everyone.

What are Credits used for? +

Credits are used to advertise a text ad that you create in ourTraffic Exchange. One Credit = One impression of that text ad.

Do I have to buy a Credit Pack to earn? +

Absolutely not! You can choose to just participate in our referral program and enjoy referral commissions by helping other people earn with us.

Can I advertise anything on MAP? +

It is our intention to provide a safe advertising/consumer network for our members. As such, the following types of advertisements/sites are expressly prohibited; High Yield Investment Program's or any other illegal investment schemes as defined by United States law. Illegal Pyramid Schemes as defined by United States law. Material Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Discriminatory Practices Hate / Violence Sites Pharmaceutical Sales Illegal Downloads/Warez Pornography or Sexually Themed Sites, Gambling, Scams of any sort, or misleading/false advertising. For full terms regarding advertising on M.A.P., please see Advertisements in our Terms and Conditions.

I don't have a business to advertise, can I still make money with M.A.P.? +

YES! We are set up to share real advertising profits to everyday folk and businesses. To get started right away, log in and buy a Credit Pack for $49.99. Then click on 10 ads daily in the Traffic Exchange and you will begin earning immediately every 20 minutes until you have received $60 in return. While you are clicking ads in the Traffic Exchange, keep an eye out for something you can align yourself with and join one of our members opportunities. You can then use your Credits to advertise that opportunity for yourself and potentially make even more money! Don't have time for another business? Use your credits to advertise your favorite charity!

Do you have a referral program? +

Yes. You can earn up to an automatic 10% commission on the purchase price of any advertising product one of your referrals purchase (specific details are in your back office under Referral Program Details). All you have to do is introduce others to M.A.P. by using our excellent free tools found under the Promotion Center heading in the left column of your back office. Money earned will be instantly deposited into your Available Account Balance upon the purchase of a product made by one of your referrals. Repeated sales earn commissions too. Do the work once and get paid over and over again!

Does M.A.P. have a reserve fund? +

Yes! Aside from the initial reserve fund provided by the Company, a portion of all incoming funds are re-directed to a reserve fund ensuring level payouts continue over the long-term.

How does M.A.P. plan to sustain and ensure its growth and expansion? +

First of all, with the way we are set up, we do not have to largely depend on new sign-ups to maintain payouts. This is because the rate in which our business must grow is drastically reduced because of our payout structure. We pay referral commissions instantly so this is the fastest way to increase ones earnings. With profit-sharing, we provide a smooth and steady way to increase your earnings over time and as such, the sales of our wide range of advertising products immensely helps fill the profit gap between Credit Pack purchase price and the profit you receive on top.

Where is MyAdvertisingPays.com headquartered? +

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Limited is operated from its offices in Anguilla

Is this an international opportunity? +

Yes! Anyone from any country with internet access can join M.A.P.

Why don't you accept Paypal? +

Paypal has a bad habit of freezing or limiting members accounts for little or no reason at all. We are not willing to put members funds at risk of being frozen for any reason.

What is vacation mode and how does it work? +

With vacation mode, you can purchase a period of time in which you are not required to click on 10 text ads per day. You can purchase up to 30 days of vacation at a time, up to a maximum of 60 days within a year (1st January to 31st December) and you will still earn shares-in-profit every 20 minutes for your chosen number of days without having to click 10 ads daily during that period. Vacation time will start immediately upon your successful purchase.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money I make with M.A.P.? +

American participants will receive 1099's from our eWallet systems. Each individual is responsible for reporting their own taxes according to the laws of the land in which they live. Please consult a tax professional for specific advice regarding your individual tax situation.

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