10 Reasons, why to join MAP

There are much more then 10 reasons, why you should join the online Business with My Advertising pays. But I like to show you the most important ones here

1.   The Core Values Loyalty – Humanity – Integrity are not just words, but lived. Many of our Diamond-Partners work daily many hours to create Meetings, keeping the informations flowing or to support others in becoming successful. My biggest goal as Teamleader is to make my team even more successful then me. Because like this, everyone wins. As I am also a Life-Coach, I want to support my Team not only to become Diamond themselves, but to be happy and fulfilled along the way. When I asked questions in the beginning of my MAP Career, I usually got great support within hours. The shared stories on the active Facebookgroups give me confidence, that MAP is one of the most human company with a very flat hierarchy. One can only have 10 CreditPacks and still have a fun talk with our Top Leaders.

2.   Company and Business are modern, great in leadership and organized. After the Startup-phase, My advertising pays is now consolidated and ready for heading to having millions of business partners. With a empowering mission statement and the long term orientation, this company gives me the certainty to be part of something big.

3.   Market and products:

The advertising business is one of the most profitable businesses to date. There are billions spent on advertising. And most of that money goes to big names such as Google or yahoo. MAP is now also a part of this business. So ist not a new invention of product. At this time, the website is being viewed right at 150 MILLION times per month and this number continues to rise very quickly! With almost 20 minutes per session, a 23% bounce rate and this much traffic, you are more likely to sell your products on the MAP site and its advertising products become more and more valuable with each passing day!   

4.   The genius and simple business model: Long before Michael Deese and Google, Henry Ford realized:” who doesn’t advertise dies“. Today one might add who doesn’t advertise right dies. This painful discovery has been made by long-established corporations companies like Hertie, Karstadt, Schiesser, Schlecker, Weltbild and co. Here, the internet was paid little to no attention. Even a global player like Sony still suffers from the underestimation of the internet until this day. Where are companies like Apple, Google, Ebay, etc., that have a visionary as a front man, positioned? These visionaries have guaranteed the trust of the people in the internet.Now Myadvertisingpays comes into play. Here, advertising packages that contain 550 advertisings are being sold at 49.99 €. In addition to that, one receives 10 boosters, which extend the advertising period from 10 to 30 seconds. Up until here a completely normal business, like there are thousands others on the internet. Goods (advertising) for payment. All products lead to more traffic (visitors) on the website that is being advertised for. More traffic on a website means more sales, which is why traffic is called the gold of the internet.The big difference between MAP and the other advertising companies is in the profit appropriation. Usually, the profit goes to the owners of a company. At MAP there is a profit share. A solid 95% of the profit goes back to the clients who bought at least one advertising package for 49.99 €. The profit is being distributed on the total amount of advertising packets, three times per hour. The more advertising packages someone possesses, the higher his profit share. This happens until every advertising package reaches 60 USD. According to Henry Ford, 50% of the advertising budget that do not result in sales, but no one knows which 50%. If the advertisement is unsuccessful in spite of marvellous key figures, the purchase price and an additional 20% profit will be refunded. You can ask at Google, your newspaper, or at other companies, if the purchase price will be refunded in case the advertisement remains unsuccessful. The amount of advertising packages is limited to 1000 per person, and the runtime of the advertising packages is variable. Here only the profit gained will be distributed. Even though the amount of advertising packages is limited, the gain at MAP remains unrestricted. MAP has a friendship advertising program for diligent partners. For every product bought by a directly recommended customer at MAP, the recommending person receives up to 10% commission of the purchase price. This means an unrestricted possibility of income for every Mapper. MAP does not offer passive income. To be part of the profit, the partner has to watch the 10 famous advertisings on a daily basis. This task is both professionally, and timely manageable. There is no need for technical aid, a Smartphone, an Ipad, or a computer are absolutely sufficient. That is why we are talking about a genius and simple business model. It is not only easy to understand, easy to explain, but also easy to duplicate.   

5.   Competitors: Before you decide on a company, you should have a look at the marketing plan. Here it is often important to see how much everyone can gain themselves. Experts have a look at the profit of the company first. Many “copycat“companies promise the partner more than the company can gain for their partners in the long run, to be able to get into the market first. Myadvertisingpays puts the benchmark for the copycats here, even though Mike Deese does not view Myadvertisingpays as a so-called Revenue Sharer. Without MAP, this market would not exist in this form. Countless companies have tried to copy MAP and have promised more money for the partners. These companies can also only pay every gained USD once, and the limit is reached rapidly, as soon as the expenses exceed the gains. Oops, and just like that the company’s website is no longer to be found. A total expert for failed business models is Charles Scoville, the current owner of Trafficmonsoon. Guessing by the purpose behind all of it, a prankster.The day is not always a friend, but it should at least be a good teacher. How does one recognize the criteria of a short-living internet business? Here are some criteria, which strongly point towards it:

  • A fixed guaranteed amount per unit ( creditpack)
  • A fixed guaranteed interest rate per unit ( creditpack)
  • Unlimited number of units ( creditpacks )
  • Never expiring units ( creditpacks )
  • High payments over multiple levels
  • Overly-done promises ( turn 2 USD into 550 USD again and again)
  • A ready-made bought website
  • Pre-launch and continuing extensions
  • No fees for the company
  • Existing partners give units away for free ( creditpacks )
  • No organisation between the partners, no leadership
  • Delayed payments
  • Purely passive income without having to click on commercials

If two of these criteria apply to a company, the danger is especially high. But oftentimes, greed wins over reason With such companies the question of how these companies can gain the higher sum, which they want to distribute onto their partners comes up. They have less traffic, a lower price for advertisements, and a very low level of awareness, but yet a higher profit? How is this supposed to be possible? Obviously there are also serious companies on the market for many years, which pay their partners punctually. But companies like Adhitz, Clixsense and Neobux differ in one important point from MAP. Here, 95% of the profit goes to the owners, not the partners. The internet is and will be a very sensible market for online business models. Here, the motto is to either open your eyes or your wallet. Every day there are new opportunities, every day these companies vanish into thin air. I hope I could be of some help for some people. I personally do not see another company that is as safe and robustly set-up for the future as MAP.

6.   The fastest payments in the industry: MAP pays you the gains three times an hour into your online account. That makes 72 payments per day, or 504 per week. Of course there are also payments on the weekends, because there are no closing times on the internet. Many people, I too, know this situation of only being paid once a month. But this always felt like it was not enough.A crucial advantage at MAP is that everyone can access their gains at any time. That is what turns virtual money into cash, like on a checking account. Payout or additional purchase of advertising packages to increase the profit is available options. Not for nothing is your income at MAP being managed in the „available balance“. In 99% of business models, the company decides on the payment date, not the partner. Here, it is solelely up to you. That is how you can recognize financial strength and how serious Michael Deese is with his motto. Pay the user first. It only takes a few hours until your money is transferred to VX gateway, a payment processor. From here, your money is at your disposal and you can choose between a checking account, or paypal. Credit cards are available for some countries already, which will soon be everywhere. That is what I would call a perfect financial transaction. It is so nice to see that you are being paid fast, securely, and fairly for your work.

7.   Additional income: As an affiliate, everyone can advertise for other people’s products without much effort. You may not get all the profit of a sale, but you can advertise and sell many products for well-known companies, and thereby participate in the sales of Amazon, Otto, Sky etc. And all of it without owning your own website, or having to talk with another person about it.No other online advertising platform is close to having such marvellous results like MAP. Nowhere advertisings are being clicked on more often than at MAP. The click rate at MAP is up to 200 times higher than at Google or other advertising companies. Additional week’s income of more than 1000 Euro is posted in our Facebook group. When someone has their own website, MAP provides for more traffic and higher sales. This is directly linked to a better Google ranking. Many businessmen spend 5-10% of their profit for advertising, without ever knowing whether their ads are actually of use. The advertisement at MAP can be displayed nationally and internationally, and shortly even regionally.

8.   Critics, envier, know-it-alls, and anonymous blogger. These people exist too, of course, but it is not just a by-product concerning MAP, but many businesses that operate successfully on the internet. The main reason and the motivation of these people is traffic. Negative headlines, independent of their truth, are sold faster and easier than positive ones. Millions of people are happy when their excuse is being validated, because someone writes something negative about MAP, and they do not start at MAP for that reason.Now, these bloggers have something to sell too, but the advertisings for this product do not generate many visitors to their website. The negative advertisement about a often-searched for item kills two birds with one stone. Their own product is being seen more often, while a competitor appears in a bad light. If you have a closer look at the reports, every layman can see right away that the author has little to no clue. The really bold ones in this industry even write this in their articles. Their goal to get more traffic for their product has been reached. The nice thing about MAP is that the initial critics and professional enviers have realized pretty soon how effective advertising is at MAP. On the q.t., they have become partners, and use this traffic source with enormous purchasing power. Other very successful internet marketers even admit publicly that they were wrong and now even generate up to 90% of their profit using MAP. I personally think that there is no higher recognition of MAP as an advertising platform than this. MAP needs new critics, enviers, and know-it-alls, because the old ones love us already

9. Money is not everything; MAP is an attitude of life. We would have never expected this development in early 2014. Back then, not only a company where everyone could easily, stably, and safely earn money was born, but world-wide friendships were made. No matter where you travel to, another Mapper is already waiting for you. Events in England, Dubai, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, and Malta have greatly contributed to this.In German-speaking countries there are countless Mappers. MAP has simply comminuted all borders. More than 120.000 partners are connected in Facebook groups. MAP has its own network with everything one could wish for. There is no envy, no pressure, no dissapointments. Everyone is happy for everyone else, and everyone is guaranteed to make money. Everyone can realize their wish of financial freedom, and thousands have already done it, and they become more and more every day. The stages of our event halls are not enough to celebrate all diamonds. I have never experienced anything like this in another network. The events fill the largest halls in Germany, 150 and more happy Mappers meet at regional events. With more than 150,000 Mapper in Germany, an incredible story of success is being written, which makes all Mappers come together as a big family. Is there anything more beautiful than celebrating success together?

10. The Future of MAP. With all my insider knowledge of by by today, i can see how interesting and bright the future of MAP is developing. Of course we will face as well hard times, as every company does. But with the new website, the now growing Academy and all the work that our IT-Team is doing in the back-office, the quality of the the Site and the quality of the company is growing.  I am myself part of the Academy and right now, I work in a small "Train the Trainer"-Team to create a great Training for our future worldwide Trainers of MAP. With the updates, that I get reguraly from the top Leaders of germany, I can already say, that also more known companys are waiting in line to advertise on our platform. In March there will be much more good new as well. Please sign up my News - Blog- Feed on excellentmap.com/blog/. There you can stay updated.

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